Hyundai Ioniq 5 teased ahead of Feb. debut

Hyundai last summer established the sub-brand Ioniq for its future electric vehicles (the name was taken from Hyundai's current Prius rival), and in February we'll see the covers come off the first of them.

The first member will be a compact crossover SUV dubbed the Ioniq 5, teaser photos for which were released on Tuesday. The reveal will take place in February.

The Ioniq 5 was first previewed in 2019 by the Hyundai 45 concept, and the new teaser photos plus our own spy shots of prototypes show that the production version will closely resemble the striking concept. The vehicle has a boxy, almost wedge-like look that echoes the Giugiaro-designed Pony Coupe concept of 1974, which later spawned the first Hyundai. There are also cool elements like lights made up of individual pixels and a clamshell hood that spans the width of the car.

The Ioniq 5 will ride on Hyundai's new E-GMP dedicated EV platform, which the automaker has said is capable of delivering a range up to 300 miles on a charge, albeit without mentioning a specific vehicle. The platform is also known to feature an 800-volt electrical system which makes charging at high kilowatt ratings possible. We're talking adding 60 miles of range in about 5 minutes of charging. The platform is also designed with bi-directional charging, and as a result can supply a continuous 3.5 kilowatts.

Hyundai has already confirmed two additional vehicles based on the E-GMP platform and slotting in the Ioniq family. One is the Ioniq 6 sedan based on last year's stunning Prophecy concept. It's due in 2022. Another is a large SUV to be called the Ioniq 7 due in 2024. Kia and Genesis will also use the platform and are already testing prototypes.