Dodge Challenger outsold Ford Mustang in 2021

The Dodge Challenger managed to outsell the Ford Mustang in 2021, which is impressive as the current Challenger's basic design hasn't changed since the model was introduced for 2008. Yes, it really is that old.

U.S. sales figures show Dodge sold 54,314 Challengers in 2021, which was up about 3% on the previous year's total. In comparison, Ford sold 52,414 Mustangs in the past year, which was down 14.2% on 2020's total and actually the lowest annual total in the nameplate's history.

Chevrolet's Camaro continued the downward streak it's been on for the past couple of years, with 2021's sales tally coming in at just 21,893 units, down 26.5% on the previous year's total. The decline, and Chevy's reluctance to launch any major updates, helps back rumors that the current Camaro will reach the end of the road after 2024, with the nameplate either to be retired or repurposed for an electric vehicle.

The Mustang is traditionally the top dog in the sales race, and it's still ahead when you include sales of the Mustang Mach-E electric crossover. The combined figure for both 'Stangs is 79,554 units. It's possible Mustang sales were also slower due to reports that a redesign is coming soon, perhaps as early as the 2023 model year.

As for the Challenger, it's expected to be redesigned or replaced for 2024.

The past year has also been an odd one for many automakers due to supply shortages and other pandemic-related disruptions. GM was especially hit hard, resulting in it losing its U.S. sales lead for the first time in 90 years. The good news is that most automakers are predicting higher sales in 2022 based on expectations of economic conditions and supply issues improving.